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ForPioneer DDJ 400, CDJ 900, CDJ 900 Nexus, CDJ 850, CDJ 1000, CDJ 800, CDJ 2000, CDJ 2000 Nexus 2, CDJ 3000, DJS 1000, XDJ 1000 MK1, XDJ 1000 MK2, XDJ 700, CDJ 200, CDJ 350, CDJ 400, DDJ SR1, DDJ SR2, DDJ RR, DDJ 800, DDJ SX, DDJ SX2, DDJ SX3, DDJ RX, DDJ ERGO, XDJ XZ, XDJ RX, XDJ RX2, XDJ R1, DDJ 200, DDJ SB3, DDJ RB, DDJ S1, DDJ T1, DDJ FLX6, XDJ AERO, XDJ RR, DDJ 1000, DDJ SZ2, DDJ SZ, DDJ RZ, DDJ RZX



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Protect your equipment with DJSKIN®. All our products are simple to install, do not require any type of equipment disassembly and in less than 5 minutes it will be ready to return to normal operation. The specialized design of DJSKIN® is based on an extra thin and high resistance layer of material, which offers indeterminate protection of the screen printing and panel of our equipment.